We protect the interests of brand manufacturers

Since 1996 Slovak Associations for Branded Products (SZZV) represents the brand manufacturers in Slovakia on key issues which affect the manufacture, sale, distribution and marketing their brands. Our mission is to protect and support the common interests of manufacturers and distributors of branded products.

SZZV’s basic principle is voluntary, helpful and fair cooperation of manufacturers and distributors of branded fast-moving consumer goods.

SZZV covers and promotes the common interests of its members. SZZV helps them to communicate with the business community and consumers, with the state authorities of Slovak Republic and with the partner national and international organizations.

SZZV’s most important goals are:

  • protection of member companies against interference with the rights of trademark and trade name, against unfair competition and violation of consumers rights,
  • support of the common interests of the member companies in the field of legal regulation and harmonization of international legislation affecting the production and marketing of branded products.

SZZV respects all the legal rules, including protection of the competition. It acts in accordance with applicable legislation and within its meetings and communication SZZV avoids creating trade agreements between the participants.

SZZV perceives the brad as:

  • a sign of a stable high-quality of branded products,
  • a symbol of responsible approach of manufacturer which product is the result of research and development and in addition to meeting the needs of the individual consumer it takes into account the ecological requirements on the product,
  • a manufacturer’s communication tool with the consumer who can utilize their or others experience with the brand during the purchase,
  • in a form of a registered trade mark as a protection instrument and tool against unfair competition.

We are members of international institutions AIM, WFA, Cosmetics Europe, A.I.S.E.

AIM European Brands Association


WFA – World Federation of Advertisers


Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association


A.I.S.E. – International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products